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April 24th, 2009, 12:38 am

The Walrus

New Eggmen. these things take forever so maybe if you dont like it for the story (which I swear gets better and I think is interesting and will give you background on lennon) You'll at least like the art.

So this was going to be built into another part of the story so I may do another Eggmen comic soon to get the full effect... you dont get it but it's cool. In this part you see what happened after Robo Lennon's skin was burnt off after his fight with Mickey-Bot and "killing Disney.(Check the dates of Lennon's Journal posts WINK WINK) As you can see he regenerates skin but is not in fact all robot. Just has a metal grafted to his bones or protecting things. (So not Wolverine...)

If I dont get too bogged down with finishing this fast I'll try to get some cool flashback sequences in of the Eggmen fighting. (just like the picture in the background of this comic which is pretty bitchin looking if I may say so myself.

Um plenty more comic ideas for coming for the regular arc and for my lennon arc so I'll post a new regular one shortly and when summer gets here there will be a bunch like usual.

Also I'm working on facial expressions right now. Not a lot of it in this comic but maybe that will start to show in future comics.

And with all that... PEACE!


jeannine (Guest), April 24th, 2009, 12:58 pm

haha oh yeah NOTHING like wolverine.... =]
hey you're good at art! so... good job on that =)
and i feel like this is a really clever story arc that i just can't fully appreciate. so good job on that too!
love ya!

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