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June 26th, 2010, 4:56 pm


It wasn't the Chief?

Who wrote this thing anyway. Of thats right I had something to do with it. That must be a Kevin part then.

Okay news time! So first off REALLY sorry about this really late update especially in the middle of the story. But Jeannine just skipped town on a plane so what stinks for me is good for you because with my newly acquired spare time I'd like to update twice this week. Also When this Walmart Batman is wrapped I think I'll take a little hiatus to work on other projects. But make sure to check news posts here as well as my Deviant Art (below) for updates.

Don't worry I have already thought of new comics (non-Walmart Batman related) to make, I just need to flex my illustration muscles so I don't become a starving artist someday. In Walmart Batman related news though, I have been writing the 4th installment and it is probably going to be started in December - January. This one is going to be big! This in fact may be the LAST Walmart Batman. But that is not official, it will at least be the last one for sometime. In it's absence I will work the same story telling magic of Kevin Cole and Myself toward the main storyline. How is all that for news? Awesome. Enjoy your weekend. I'm gonna go get drunk!

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