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September 2nd, 2006, 8:59 pm

#1 comic, made by humans?

Now if you've looked at any of the other comics on smackjeeves you'd notice they're all about Sonic the hedge hog. I mean honestly, what's up with that? That game has gone down the tubes ever since it became 3D. And on the off chance it's not about sonic. It's some sort of anime type thing with a storyline I don't care about. Assuming it's not either of these two things it's probably crappily drawn and trys to be funny by saying fuck or just being plain stupid. Point is I'm the best new comic this site has. And I want a promotion.

Note: the guy who makes this, , comic is amazing though. He makes a good not "smackjeeves" hosted comic too and this one has a great storyline.

Any use of the word fuck in my comic is funny and will be so till I can find a more fun word to say

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