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September 13th, 2007, 11:06 pm

New Jobs Suck

So yeah if you're reading this before friday afternoon I haven't changed the song. I'll throw a new one on soon. So yes, what's new? a lot really. I have a new job, at CVS which is good it makes me interact with people which can be nice, funny, more angering than anything in the world. But yeah because of that, school, AP art, and Improv comics have been slow but it's okay. This job is quite inspiring to the creative process. I think. but yeah better news! so I can't write, thats an easy assumption I'm a poem guy I like to write them cause I like fun word play, but substance has never been my thing. And needless to say sometimes the writing and thought behind my comics are lack luster because my vision is more of "get to the joke" and "make it look good." So Kevin Cole (my partner in comic crime, also he has done guest comics) is currently working on a story arc for my comic. Now I hate story arcs usually because they lose flow half way through. at least in my case and other comics I read also get that. But Kevin has sent me 4 comic "screen plays" and I love them so much. They're hysterical and there is no doubt in my mind they'll go over awesome. Kevin is a writer and thats what I've always needed. I have good ideas but am not good as putying them down as Kev. So yeah look forward to that probably a week from now I'm thinking I'll start drawing.

So enjoy this comic, maybe the next comic, then the story arc event of a lifetime. oh and new song coming soon.


jeannine (Guest), September 15th, 2007, 4:17 pm

well i dunno about anyone else.. but i am wicked excited. =O

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