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September 23rd, 2007, 1:28 pm

Hmm how offensive is a vagina face to you?

so yes I gave a vagina face to a plane. I think it could have been done more tastelessly. And hey, I did warn you. So yeah starting this week I will begin illustrating the Kevin Written Bryan Approved & AND ALL AROUND GREATEST AND LONGEST SUBURBAN FREEFLOW STORY ARK! so get ready for that. I'll also be bring back the music at that point. um I'm not sure how many posts a week I'll make for this story ark because I'll be drawing them better and with more attention to detail. But consider this my return to a normal SF posting schedule. I'll decide this week if it'll be once or twice a week and then get back to you all. Till then enjoy Va-Jay Jay the jet plane. (as much as I like saying his... it's name)

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